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It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a marketer, it’s vital to track your SEO progress.

Effective reporting can educate clients, give value to clients, and help build stronger business relationships.

We have found that having the right toolset is the difference between great reporting which creates value and costs you less time and poor reporting which destroys the value or cost you money.

These top SEO tools are my favorite and should be used by all, regardless of whether you’re setting up a new digital marketing agency or looking to streamline existing operations.

SEO tools can be purchased for a fee or free.

Google Search Console

Setting up your website using Google Search Console is the first and most important thing.

Google Search Console gives you free information about your website’s rank in Google Search.

Google Analytics or Google Search Console It’s Google Search Console which shows click and search data.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not the primary channel for marketing. However, it is important to monitor and control how your website performs in search. This will help you understand how customers find your website.

Advantages- Search Console installation is easier than Google Analytics. It’s also free.

This has its downsides. It does not replace SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Mangools. But, the data they provide is just as reliable as Google Search Console.

Google Analytics

You are familiar with Google Analytics if you work in digital marketing. Reports may be exported as PDFs or Google Sheets.

Reports can be created around any dimension or metric within Google Analytics. A position report may also be included through Google Search Console.

Advantages- Google Analytics is already being used by you. Your clients can use it for free.

Drawbacks: The reports don’t look very nice and need to be explained more.

Best Use: Fast and simple reports for small clients

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is better than Excel because it can pull in all data from the Web. Learn more about Google Sheets. You can also give access to real-time data in separate spreadsheets.

Third-party companies also offer templates that can be used in conjunction with Google Sheets.

Advantages: It’s free, flexible, and easy to use, especially if you have a lot of historical data.

Drawbacks: The spreadsheet must be customized to create a useful report.

Best Use: Clients who love raw data and want to analyze metrics quickly.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is Google’s free reporting tool. It pulls data from Google products and creates beautiful, useful reports

The advantages They make data visually appealing and easy to use.

There are also some drawbacks. There are some disadvantages.

Best Use- Clients with mid-sized businesses who use Google products to market their data. This is a significant upgrade from Google Sheets and Google Analytics.


Semrush is an online marketing tool that includes backlinks and keyword research.

Semrush can help you rank, backlinks, and keywords. This tool will format your report with your agency branding so it is highly personal for your client.

Semrush has many advantages. It can pull in large amounts of data and create reports. Automating the reports will save you time and help you save a lot of money.

There are also some drawbacks. A bundled subscription includes the reporting tool. You don’t need all the tools? It’s reporting to loans.

Best Use: Semrush is best used by agencies that offer more than just SEO services. They also need customized automated reports.


Our Take

Surfer is an addition to our SEO toolbox.

Surfer is a new product to the market. Searches can be done on specific keywords. Surfer SEO saves time and is very user-friendly.

Benefits: You can save time looking for articles that are similar to yours and finding out what is missing.

There are also some drawbacks. Although the tool can be used for searching keywords, it’s best to use other services like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Best Uses: SEO Content Planning for New Articles or Content Gap Analysis to Find What’s missing in your Existing Articles


Our Take

This is our go-to SEO tool. You can track and monitor your progress as well as receive feedback about how you are doing.

Ahrefs is a tool that can track keywords and perform SEO research.

Advantages – Great site audit tool. Keyword research is great for finding popular terms.

Advantages: More expensive than other tools.

Best Use: Anyone who uses SEO to drive site traffic to their website.


Moz has many advantages. To save time and make the reports highly customizable, they can be easily automated.

There are also some drawbacks. A bundled subscription includes the reporting tool. You don’t need all the tools? It’s reporting to loans.

Best Use- Moz is the best option for agencies that focus on inbound marketing and need customized automated reports.

Raven Tools

Raven Tool is a marketing tool suite that focuses almost entirely on reporting. Integrations are possible with many other platforms, such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Advantages: Raven Tools can pull data from many different tools to create beautiful, useful reports.

It has a few drawbacks. It can be used with other marketing tools like backlinks and keywords, but

Best Use: An agency that’s growing and mid-sized. Reporting can be difficult for the current team.


These dashboards can be attractive, practical, and accurate. The dashboard can appear white-label to give the impression that it is an agency’s dashboard.

Advantages – DashThis pulls information from multiple sources and creates a unique reporting structure that impresses executives. They are easy to use and based on best practices.

It is also expensive as a standalone product. Pricing scales well with multiple clients or dashboards. This allows you to bundle it or pass on the price.

Best Use: An agency that grows with clients who value detailed and high-value reports.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics provides analytics reporting software specifically for agencies.

It can integrate with SEO, PPC social media, reviews, and many other services.

Agency Analytics provides many benefits. Agency Analytics can only send automated reports after you have approved them.

This service has its disadvantages. This service is costly, but you’ll need to monitor the number of clients you have as well as other tools that you use for SEO.

Best Use: A SEO agency with many clients that are highly sought after during reporting periods.


WebCEO has been our favorite SEO reporting tool. We used it in our agencies back in 2012. It is simple and offers lots of customization options.

Benefits: A great rank-tracking software with 24+ languages available for non-English clients

There are also some drawbacks. WebCEO will likely have lots of overlap between their tools and their designs might be out-of-date.

Best Use: A company that needs basic SEO stats and a backup SEO toolkit.


Our Take

SEOPress is a WordPress competitor plugin for Yoast SEO. It is lighter and more functional than SEOPress Pro. It supports structured data types, breadcrumbs, and Google Page Speed.

SEOPress can be used with WordPress to aid in SEO and social media sharing.

Yoast had been my first choice. However, due to bugs, code bloat, and bugs, I switched to HTMLPress. Ahrefs, Semrush, and Semrush do a better task.

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