Unique Apartment Marketing Ideas For Lease Up

Both apartment and rental property owners agree finding the right tenant is important.

You can find Apartments in an area that attracts tenants with a For Rent sign on the curb. Property managers understand that quality tenants are hard to find.

I’ve provided search marketing services to large regional residential realty companies. These posts are about my experiences with apartment marketing and property management.

Create Neighborhood-Specific Website Pages

Tenants complain that their city searches are too broad, their street searches too narrow, and their zip code searches are not relevant.

Despite it being obvious, many real estate agencies don’t put a lot of emphasis on neighborhood marketing. But it can be worthwhile.

Multiple apartments can be listed on your website by organizing them according to their neighborhood (e.g. Make neighborhoods your ).

Create a neighborhood and then click on the pages of an apartment complex to rank for “apartments in [neighborhood]”.

Make niche amenity pages

Tenants have very specific needs and amenities. Create pages that detail each amenity. Use keywords such as “apartments with [amenity]” to rank your properties.

Google Suggest is a great tool to help you find ideas. Enter “[city] apartments for rent” in the search box. Hit space to get suggestions.

You can do this with any combination or alphabet of modifiers.

Pages that match the search query are created to be found by people searching.

This step can be taken to the next level by using tools like SEMrush’s Keyword Explorer which allows you bulk-produce search terms that match your phrase.

Make Local Data Pages

Create resource guides for people moving to your area. Make lots.

Google Autosuggest will help you to understand what people in your area are searching for.

Review and Create Local Citations

You must have a Google My Business Account to be able to appear on Google Maps.

Make your brand stand out by taking it to the next level.

First, you need to create your Google My Business profile. You will need to add photos, posts, and complete listing details.

Second, ensure you verify every local business listing site that your Business Name (and Address) matches. Google uses these “local citations” to verify the relevancy and legitimacy of local businesses.

SEMrush’s local listing management tool can be used for quick auditing these listings.

Develop a strategy to get local reviews. Having multiple, unique, and frequent reviews on Google My Business is the best way for you to improve your visibility (aka leasing applications) on Google Maps.

Ideas from big local businesses/competitors

I don’t like brainstorming. It’s more efficient to use ideas that have been tested and proven effective.

No matter your business size, you can always look up to larger businesses and their competitors for inspiration.

Create a list of local businesses that you consider creative in apartment marketing and property management.

I use SEMrush to spy on these competitors. For example, enter the URL of a competitor.

This is what we expect.

It may seem like a lot. But you can drill down to sort each link.

You should not copy their work

Local Real estate Blogs – Join us

Real estate is a passion, no matter how big or small your city is. Many small blogs and newspapers cover real estate.

These are people you need to be looking out for. It’s important to have links and attention if you can give inside information, provide images free of charge and create consistent content.

These links and more attention will benefit all ideas on the list. Social media users find URLs via hyperlinks.

More links to your neighborhood pages, rental listings, and amenity pages will improve the site’s performance.

Create Facebook ads that are hyperlocal

Local businesses have a distinct advantage over national brands that try to do business locally. They live in the area and are familiar with it.

Facebook permits hyper-local advertising. While it can be tedious to set up, it can prove very efficient.

Learn how to target hyperlocal demographics to find interested tenants.

Facebook Marketplace is also available. It is the largest online listing site.

You can run small targeted campaigns to target multiple locations at once.

Use hyperlocal Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are famously effective and costly. Search for apartments to rent in [neighborhood] to find the best tenant.

But, clicking on the search button will cost you a lot.

You also have the option to have an “in” – Google Quality Services. Google will show ads with more relevance even though they don’t have a high price.

It is not as simple to set up as Facebook. But, you can get Google Search traffic to your site if you create a hyperlocal campaign.

Display Ads from Google Hyper-Local

The Google Display Network allows local advertisers to make a positive impact.

Google offers text and banner ads in the most popular spots on the Internet.

Google will show relevant ads with low prices over unrelated ads with high bidding, but again.

These are the top local apartment websites

Many websites list apartments. These sites can be very helpful in driving traffic to your listing.

It’s important to identify the most populated apartment websites in your local area and then list them.

Google Trends and Tenant Interviews, SEMrush, and Google Search Results can all be used to determine who’s most popular in your neighborhood/area.

Register on NextDoor & Local Forums

NextDoor can be used to locate social media sites and forums in your local area.

Because they are local, these networks are extremely relevant to real estate.

NextDoor provides unique advertising/business opportunities to local real-estate companies and has a program for early adopters.

Advertise in local subreddits

Reddit, a popular website, appeals to many industries. Local subreddits may be particularly useful for property managers or landlords for a few reasons.

They also serve as hubs for discussion and recommendations.

These are the best places to get started planning your move and asking local questions

They’re non-commercial and have many rules. You should get to know them before commenting on or posting about a commercial entity.

You can also visit their sidebar wiki for further research.

Contact moderators to learn more about their rules for business posting. Consider running giveaways and ads there.

Instagram: Upload Listings with Photos

Listing photos can be used to repurpose them across different platforms. You can instead use photos from listings to create an Instagram or Facebook feed.

For example, imagine a unit with a spectacular view of the skyline.

Develop a Local Real Estate Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a great tool for people who want to make their lives easier and improve their lives with it. Helping potential customers reach you by creating a local Pinterest board.

Get ideas from local listings.

Find and Market Local Employers

All tenants need to work somewhere. Prospective tenants want to be close to their jobs.

Locate all potential tenants and major employers in your locality. Create resource pages for them.

Get discounts, bonuses, and more Talk to these employers about ways to work together.

Identify & Market Local Schools & Amenities

Do the same thing as with local businesses and with local employers.

Pages can be used as information hubs for schools and other neighborhood amenities.

Find and Market Top Tenant Sources

Take into account past and present tenants. Find out how they got there.

Learn how to build upon that success.

Cross-Promote Local Real Estate Agents

Local real estate agents are well-connected offline, but they lack online connections If you invest your online marketing efforts, you can cross-promote them.

Cross-promote Local Businesses

Tenants spend more in the area. Get to know other businesses in your area. Cross-promote with them, especially if there is a presence in your targeted area.

It’s a smart idea to link to your site on other websites. This will make it easier for you to succeed in your online ventures.

Use events to grab social media attention

Event marketing is all about holiday showings, open houses, and openings.

You can get more exposure by listing your event on multiple social media platforms

Use Video Tours To Hack Social Media

The majority of social media users prefer video to text when browsing their feeds. Take a look at listings through interesting video tours.

The file can be posted directly to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Search for ways to embed the file on your website.

You can use digital referral fees for Word of Mouth

Referral fees are an important part of apartment marketing.

To hand out codes (e.g. apartment numbers), you can either use bit.ly or software services. Referral codes can be used to transfer limited amounts of physical words to unlimited digital words.

Locate and Sponsor Local Charities

There are a few marketing benefits to sponsoring local charities.

It is possible to get back a link to your website. This will help your other efforts.

It is possible to tap into well-connected companies with lots of word-of-mouth potential.

To solicit reviews for your Google My Business campaign, you can also tap into your neighborhood’s goodwill.

Next steps

Many strategies can be used by apartment managers and property owners.

Find the one that best suits your needs and budget, and give it a try. Learn from your first experience to improve.

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