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Vistaprint is most commonly associated with business cards. This is the reason Vistaprint was founded in 1995. Did you know Vistaprint also offers marketing tools for small businesses, such as a website builder.


You most likely already know this because you are probably in the middle checking out their site builder offer. You wondered “Is Vistaprint’s website builder really good?” and so you found this post.

When I bought a few business cards, I had the exact same thought. Vistaprint was recommended to me for a small project. I will be writing a complete Vistaprint Website Builder review.

Before I go into the pros and cons, let me give you some background information about building websites in general.

There are many things to consider when selecting a website builder. And there are literally a million ways to achieve what you desire in terms of functionality and pricing.

It doesn’t matter if you are building a website for a personal business or an online store, your website design can have a huge impact on how it looks.

It can affect your flexibility, functionality, and brand in the long-term. It can cause headaches in the short-term. However, it can be a headache in the short-term. It is up to you to make the best decision based on your experience and goals.

What is Vistaprint’s Website Builder?

VistaPrint offers a wide range of website building options, but the one that stands out is the all-inclusive solution. It provides everything you need for your website to grow and get started. This contrasts with other solutions that require you to purchase, install, and maintain each “piece” of your website, such as domain, hosting software, or web design. For more information, I wrote a post Website Builders Explained.

Vistaprint is a way to lease and customize an apartment in a luxurious development, instead of purchasing and owning a house. While you retain control over decor, cleaning, and all aspects of living, the property owner will take care of the infrastructure, security, and plumbing.

This is important because website builders, in particular, can be hampered by software that doesn’t allow for convenience or control.

Vistaprint is a great website builder that can make everything work together. However, it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Vistaprint is in direct competition with all-inclusive, hosted website builders such as:

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy
  • Site123
  • Gator Website Builder

Other website builders and Bundled branding service providers such as Tailor Brands.

They are more focused on speed and ease-of use than their direct competitors. This allows them to target small business owners who have little experience with website building. ).

Vistaprint’s site builder is not a drag-and-drop website creator. Instead, it uses “blocks” of websites that you can drag into your template to make changes.

You can also get a “done for you” service where they will create your website . It is a very intuitive platform that makes it an excellent choice for DIYers who want to quickly create a website without any previous experience.

Vistaprint Alternatives

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The Best Website Builder

Vistaprint’s Website Builder: The Pros

Here are the pros and cons of Vistaprint, not only in comparison to other web builders but as a whole website solution.

It’s easy to use

Vistaprint’s main benefit is its ease of use. Vistaprint’s templates can be customized quickly and there are many options. All templates can be customized by using “blocks”, which you can drag and drop onto the page.

You should note that you cannot drag and drop another, pre-made content blocks onto your pages. However, individual elements cannot be dragged onto a section of the page (i.e. You can’t change the layout or add buttons to the pre-made blocks.

It’s like painting with numbers. Although there are obvious drawbacks to this setup that I will address in the disadvantages section, it is an advantage to have limited, but easily accessible design options.

Mobile-friendly site layout. It looks good regardless of what design options you choose.

This is fine for DIYers who need the easiest method to get their content onto a beautiful design. This website builder may not be for you if you want more customization and flexibility.

Templates that can be customized

Vistaprint’s unique feature is the ability to customize products for existing customers. Vistaprint offers a unique service that allows customers to customize their products. For example, if they have printed a business card for you, they will show you themes that fit your branding. Sign up for their Website Builder.

This is a great option for DIYers who want their branding consistent but don’t require endless customizations that take a lot of time. This is a great way to ensure that all your marketing looks “on brand” without spending a lot of money on a designer.

Product Integrations

Vistaprint’s built-in product integrations are another benefit. Vistaprint offers web hosting as well as providing DNS . Vistaprint also provides additional functionality to integrate with your site, such as an eCommerce website or SSL certificate, custom domain and analytics.

It is important to remember that integrations can only be used with a paid plan. Vistaprint also offers additional digital marketing products you can purchase separately.

It’s important to remember that add-ons come at an additional cost. In a moment, we’ll discuss pricing and functionality.

Vistaprint’s Website Builder: Cons

However, no review is complete without examining the negative aspects. There will be complaints about every piece of software. These are my experiences with Vistaprint.

Vistaprint Website Prices

Vistaprint’s plans start from $5 but the Starter plan won’t give you much. You don’t have site analytics until Vistaprint’s Standard plan. And you can’t optimize your site for search engines until the premium plan.

Vistaprint is much more expensive than their direct competitors such as Wix, Weebly, and Gator. However, it offers far less.

It’s also not an affordable option to build your own WordPress website.

Vistaprint will be more costly if you use it for longer than a few weeks.

Limited Feature Set – Design

There is always a compromise between convenience and control when using technology products.

This trade-off is evident with Vistaprint’s website builder. Their design layout is very easy. It is simple, quick, and not complicated. It allows you to focus on the content and not the template.

Here’s the problem: if you don’t like blocks, it can be difficult to change them. Vistaprint is not able to take you beyond the basic design .

You can change the color palette and navigation styles. But for the most part you are locked into the theme’s overall look and feel.

You can add or remove blocks with pages

However, you can’t change the blocks’ layout. However, you can drag and drop the blocks they have provided.

It can be described as a “paint-by numbers” setup. You can have the basics but you will need to add or modify things.

The design limitations of a website can make it difficult to grow or become a larger part of your business. Vistaprint is not like other website builders who attempt to fix this issue through apps, extensions or access to the website code or HTML.

Limited Feature set – Technical

Technical limitations can also be affected by design limitations. Technical limitations are features or functionality you don’t want until they’re actually needed. Then you realize you can’t have them.

These include integrations with Facebook and Twitter, Google Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Ads. Social sharing options, blogging, as well as a host of intermediate-to-excellent SEO Tools. Vistaprint offers additional functionality through add-on apps and built-in functionality, but because you have no control over the website, there are restrictions on how much you can add to, modify, or integrate with the tools.

Let’s take, for example, the simple editing of some SEO elements on pages. The Vistaprint allows me to add a page description and keywords. Basic SEO requires more. Title tags are essential – but that’s before you consider other elements such as sitemaps, Open Graph features and Schema for local businesses.

It’s like choosing between making your own food or ordering from a restaurant.

Vistaprint allows you to choose the ingredients for your burrito. However, this is an illusion as you are limited to what the restaurant offers.

If you only need something basic, it can work well. It can be very restrictive if you need to make changes or create something new or unique.

Upsells/Promotional Emails

Vistaprint is a software program, so this con is not relevant. However, it is important to note because it can affect the overall user experience. Vistaprint offers many promotions.

Since signing up for their website builders product, I have received a lot of emails about everything, from my site to business card orders (to be fair I did order business cards from Vistaprint a while back so this could also be a side effect).

It’s not a major problem, but it’s something to be aware of. It will definitely take a toll on your inbox.

Vistaprint Review Conclusion

Vistaprint makes it easy to get a website online, even if you have a project that is already done for you. Vistaprint’s user-friendly editor allows for quick and simple customization.

View Vistaprint’s plans.

There are some trade-offs when using an all-inclusive web builder, including functionality, customization options, control, and security. Vistaprint is not as comprehensive as other all-inclusive web builders.

Vistaprint is not the best option if you want to create a website that has a basic template, but allows for some design freedom and flexibility. I recommend looking at some Vistaprint alternatives.

First To get all the Vistaprint benefits (including branding and business cards), I recommend visiting Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands offers more branding services than VistaPrint (ie business cards, etc.) and also has a better and cheaper bundled website builder.

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