Ways Anyone Can Earn More Money on The Side

What is the “new economy?”

2020 taught us that job security is no longer guaranteed by your employer.

After Covid-19’s devastating assault on the economic system, many people are beginning to understand that 2019 is no longer a time for relying on a single source of income as if it were dependable.

Now is the time to take side hustles seriously.

A steady job can be rewarding, but it may also take away your freedom. Your job may prevent you from expressing your creativity or following your passions. If you want to have a greater impact on the world, your current job may limit your ability to achieve this. To reach financial independence you may need a stable income.

To achieve your goal, you can create a business sideline that matches your skills, interests, and passions.

What is the purpose of starting a side business?

  • Earn money at your own pace. It is not wise to depend on the economy. Side hustles can be a great backup plan in case of a downturn.
  • You can do it on the side. It’s not necessary to give up your day job.
  • Do what you love and earn money.
  • Your boss is you. What you decide to do, and when, is up to you.
  • Scale it up. If your side gig is more enjoyable than your regular job, it could become a full-time venture.

It’s likely that you already possess the skills necessary to get started with at least one side job.

35 Side hustles to help you earn extra cash.

Start your side hustle with 35 ideas:

Social media copywriter

Creating multiple posts on social media each day to boost engagement is a difficult task.

Copywriters are in high demand to create engaging and brand-consistent copy for Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook or Instagram.

Knowledge of all major social media platforms including guidelines for publishing.
Please note that the price per post on social media is $5 to $15


Thought leaders and executives are often eager to spread their ideas, they lack the necessary time.

A ghostwriter can help translate an individual’s voice and opinions into an article or blog post. Keep in mind that it is the client’s name and not yours, which will be on the finished product.

The ability to write in the voice of an individual
Pricing: $300 – $600 per article

Podcast Editor or Producer

It’s time to sharpen your editing and production skills for podcasts.

Companies will be looking for someone with experience to help them.

Experience: Editing and production of podcasts
Prices: Editing costs $100-400 per episode; production costs $300-1,000 per episode

Influencer marketing specialist

Your expertise in the field may help brands interested.

Experience in influencer marketing campaigns
Pricing: $500-$2,000 per campaign

Lead generation consultant

Your role as a lead-generation expert is to determine the problem and offer a solution that will diversify the channels of the client.

Knowledge – Familiarity with various channels for lead generation
Prices: $100 to $300 an hour

Logo or font designer

Unique branding can help businesses and individuals stand out. If you’re good at designing new logos and fonts, it is possible to make money.

Your client may ask you to help them achieve their brand vision.

Skill : Knowledge of design software, such as Photoshop and Sketch
Prices range from $100 to $500 per font or logo

Browser extension developer

Browser extensions provide users with more functionality and convenience.

Web Development Experience
Prices: $50-200 per hour

Shopify developer

Shopify is by far the most popular platform for ecommerce. There is a high demand for store developers.

Experience: Working with the Shopify platform
Prices: $50-200 per hour

Data Scientist

If you’re a professional in data science, it is possible to make some money on the side.

Earn money creating machine learning and visualization models.

Data Science background is required!
Prices: $100-400 per hour

Testing specialist for quality assurance

Nobody wants their code to break. Companies will pay you to test software or write automated tests.

Make sure the software is working properly and nothing has broken.

Skill: Knowledge of devops, testing and best practices
Prices: $30 – $200 per hour

Leadership advisor or executive coach

Each leader has strengths and weaknesses. Help executives improve by using your coaching skills.

Experience with coaching managers
Prices: $200 to $500 an hour

Public Speaking Coach

At some point, executives will need to address a large audience. It could be their staff or at a conference.

Leaders often seek out public speaking coaches to help them improve communication with their audience and to engage the audience. They may also be looking for specific solutions, like stage fright.

Experience in public speaking or debate is required.
Prices: $200 to $500 an hour

Media Trainer

Executives need training before they interact with the media. They could reveal confidential information or say something wrong, which is a disaster for any company.

As a professional in public relations, you might consider building a business that helps leaders navigate interviews with journalists.

Experience in Public Relations
Prices: $100 – $500 per hour

Download Virtual Assistant and Scheduler

If you’re a good organizer, consider a part-time job as a virtual secretary or scheduler.

It is an extremely flexible position that can be performed from any location.

An aptitude for organization and administration
Price: $50-$100 per hour

Project Manager

If your company or team does not have enough resources to manage large projects, a freelance project manager could be a good option. They would need to make sure that everything is going according to plan (budgets, deadlines, etc.). ).

Experience in managing large-sized projects
Pricing: 1 – 5 % of the total budget

Data entry specialist

The main task of this job is to transfer data from paper-based databases into electronic ones that are regularly updated.

Use Excel, Word, and other platforms to work with data
Prices: $30 to $60 an hour


Are you a fast typist? As a transcriptionist, you will receive an audio recording to convert into text. The client may give you a written transcription. Charge more if you provide transcription services in a complicated field like medicine or science.

You need to have good listening, typing, and editing skills.
Price: 20-$50 an hour or $1-2+ audio minutes

Freelance accountant

Accounting requirements for freelancers are different. Since they must make quarterly payments, their tax schedule is unique. Accounting is not the expertise of most accountants.

Accounting expertise and licensing
Prices: $50 to $300 an hour

Financial planner

Create a profitable side business using your expertise in finance. Become a financial adviser who can help clients set long-term objectives and plan how to reach them.

Financial expertise and licensing
Prices: $100 – $300 per hour

Contract Writer

Every business needs contracts. If you’re a lawyer, specialize in writing contract documents.

Expertise in legal matters and licensing
Prices: $300 – $1200 per contract

Virtual tutor

Select the age range that interests you and start looking for students!

Skill: Knowledge of the subject to be tutored, certifications, or previous experience in teaching may be necessary.
Prices: $30 to $125 an hour

Specialist in SAT/GRE/GMAT prep

The SAT and GMAT are important exams that determine acceptance to a dream school. If you excelled at these tests, use your experience to assist others in achieving their goals.

Knowledge of test formats and skills for taking tests
Hourly rate: $75 to $125


Do you speak more than one language? If so, you’re lucky! Your skills can be easily turned into extra income. There is always a demand for translators and interpreters. Choose to specialize in writing or TV.

Multilingualism: Mastery of Multiple Languages
Price: $60-$100 per hour

Personal chef

If you love to cook, consider a part-time business as a private chef. People are looking for healthy food or simply don’t want to spend time cooking.

Knowledge: Food safety knowledge and culinary skills
Prices: $40-$80 per hour

Small-scale catering

Starting a small catering business is a more affordable and easier option than launching an entire company. You can scale up your business to become a full-time job if you like what you are doing.

Ability to prepare food for large groups and knowledge of safety.
Prices range from $30 per person to $60 per person

Dog Walker

People who work in offices that do not permit pets are always looking for dog walkers. If you have time and are flexible, it is possible to earn a side income by walking dogs.

While you can walk dogs using existing apps, it is possible to find more customers by walking your dog alone.

Experience handling dogs
Cost: 20 to 50 dollars for a 30-minute walk

Traveling pet boarder or sitter

Many pet owners feel uncomfortable leaving their pets in an unknown facility. Boarding services and traveling pet sitters can come to the rescue.

If you’re comfortable with other people’s homes and can visit them multiple times, to feed the animal of your customer or to play with it for a while, then you could make money by becoming a travel pet boarder.

Able to care for pets of others
Prices: $40 – $100 per day

Pet Party Planner

Pets are celebrated on their birthdays! If you enjoy this idea, consider becoming a pet-event planner to earn extra money. Your job would be to plan and execute a fun party for your client’s pets and furry friends.

Experience in event planning
Pricing: Prices range from $500 to $1,000 (depending on the event scope).

Group fitness instructors

If you like working with people, you might consider becoming a fitness instructor. You could work for fitness shops such as Orange Theory or 12RND Fitness.

Qualifications: Group training certification if required
Pricing: $25-$70 per hour

Shoppers or personal stylists

Many people don’t have the time or energy to go shopping. By advising your clients on what to wear or by buying their clothes, you can assist them. Matching your client’s style and budget is important.

Skill: Design sense; fashion knowledge
Prices: $50-150 per hour

Clothing or accessory designer

Handmade products that are unique and handmade will be highly valued by customers. They’ll pay a premium for these items.

Skill: Sewing, jewelry making, or any other skill required for creating clothing and accessories
Price: 10 – 100 dollars (depending on the type of clothing or accessory).

Expert in decluttering and organizing

The majority of people don’t have enough time to clean or organize their homes.

You can turn your love for Marie Kondo’s tidying method into a business.

Organizational skills
Prices: $80 – $140 per hour

Serving unpacking services

Packing and unpacking can be a challenging and enjoyable task for some people. If this describes you, consider starting a business as a professional packer and/or unpacker.

Experience: Packing and unpacking items of different sizes
Prices range from $250 to $1,000+ depending on the size of your house

Technology Installers

Are you interested in experimenting with new home technology? Help your friends or neighbors set up Ring alarm systems, Nest thermostats, and other smart devices.

Install and configure home technologies
Prices: $40-$70 per hour

Birth Announcement Photographer

In recent years, parents have shared their exciting news of pregnancy with family and friends by creating creative announcements. It’s a good side gig for photographers.

Photographic Skills
Prices: $150 to $500 an hour

You may have found this list helpful, but it is only the preview. To get all 100 ideas you can sign up for our Start Your Side Hustle Masterclass. This free course will help you change the way you think about starting your own business.

Ready to start your side hustle business?

It is exciting to watch you start your new side hustle! Pick at least one of the ideas that appeal to you and begin soon.

You are the owner of this side business. This side business is your own. You choose everything, from the clients to how it’s run.

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