Effective Ways to Increase Email Deliverability

Campaign Monitor reported that the average email newsletter open rate is just 18%.

This indicates that 82% of your email receivers aren’t opening any emails on average.

Only 1,800 people receive your message from a list of 10,000 subscribers.

By the end of this article, you should be able to more than double your open rates by up to 40%. Keep reading.

Subscribers have spent time and money to get your attention. How can you help?

It is impossible to avoid it!

Facebook is very powerful but you’re at the mercy of the platform. To get any reach, you must “pay to play”.

Plus, Instagram accounts on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are being demonetized or outright banned.

What’s Google SEO?

Google is making it clearer that they want you to pay to appear in search results.

Businesses that rely on one source for traffic to their businesses are quickly losing money.

It keeps getting worse!

Email is still an effective medium to communicate your message.

Email marketing has a long-term future.

Gmail remains the top email.

Internet marketing gurus can be quite sarcastic.

They say

  • “The money’s on your list”
  • Take control of your destiny by creating a mailing list
  • “Don’t let Facebook or Google control your business. “

We agree. We agree.

Google is the answer. It is the dominant player in the US email market with 53%. Yahoo comes in second at 18%.

Google Email is your gatekeeper.

How can you increase your open email rates?

we have used and tested most of the mailing list providers available — AWeber MailChimp and Drip…

After much consideration, ActiveCampaign was finally selected by us.

ActiveCampaign delivers consistently the highest delivery rates within this industry year after year.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide examples for all available mailing list providers. ActiveCampaign will be our example.

Now let’s talk about how to increase open rates and deliverability of email messages.

Our Take

ActiveCampaign is our favorite email marketing service. It offers everything you need, from advanced automation to starter email marketing. You will need to pay more for many key features. However, ActiveCampaign can automate almost any task.

Check your email subject line

Your subject lines are what draw people to your emails.

The subject should be relevant to the email. It doesn’t need to be boring.

To get people to open your emails, you need a headline hook.

I’m not a fan of “link bait” headlines. However, we recommend you write an email subject line to get your audience to read the article.

There are many email newsletters that you can sign up for, depending on your industry and your vertical. “

Real artists indeed steal. While you don’t need to assume your competitors know all the answers, it is a good start.

This topic has been covered in many articles and books.

Split-test subject lines after your list have more than 1,000 subscribers.

This is possible using ActiveCampaign

Split testing is available when you create an email campaign.

Even though your email list may not be large enough, keep track of how many emails you send out and the open rates. Use different subject lines to see which ones are opened more often.

Use the same name and address for every email.

It is recommended that you only use one email address for all communications. Customers expect emails from senders with specific addresses.

The brand you choose to use will determine what you use. If there are multiple contributors, use the brand name.

We used “Investor Junkie” to create our investing website. Every email received had the ” header.

This website is about me. This website is all about me. we use my email address and name.

Finally using the same email addresses builds a reputation among email providers. The more email interactions you have (opens, clicks, spam/unsubscribe, etc.) the better you will be able to get.

It is important to use an actual email address to get replies. Register for an account to receive these emails.

A good reputation in email is essential. Your messages should not be sent to spam folders, or Google’s Promotions tab.

A wonderful thank-you page


Yes. You can increase your open rates by creating thank-you pages for your emails.

This page is not used by most sites. Thank you pages that thank subscribers simply say “Thanks for subscribing” and then disappear.

Consider it this way: You gained the trust of your visitor to provide their email address. This advantage can be used to your advantage, especially if the visitor is a warm lead.

Set expectations by using the thank-you webpage Share this with them:

  • How frequently do you send emails
  • How to prevent emails from being marked as spam
  • Register for any special promotion
  • Low-end product offering
  • A surprise bonus

A strong welcome email

A welcome email is a crucial step in building a relationship. Your thank you page is the next step toward building your brand.

You can also open this email at 40-60%, or even more than 70%. Use this email wisely to build a relationship with your readers.

You may also use the same information we used for the thank-you page.

ActiveCampaign may not be perfect. Poor service can still happen with shared plans. ActiveCampaign offers this service.

Consistent Day & Time of the Week

People love consistency. They get up every morning at the same time, have the same breakfast, and watch the same television shows each day.

This is the same for your email routine.

It is common for people to get weekly newsletters if you send them. Like they were dying…

What day and hour is the best time to send an email? That all depends.

The peak hours for most industries are Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to noon, and 3 to 9 p.m.

Send your email newsletter on Thursday at 3:00 pm. Your industry and audience might have different needs.

Test, Test, and Test Again! You can test at different times and on different days to make the best guess.

My experience shows that our sezmi.com audience responds better to emails sent during the working day. )

The Investor Junkie audience had a dream about improving their financial position while they work. Many of our current customers have a business and check their finances when they can.

Liste Hygiene

Many email service providers can detect automatic bounces and rejections of emails.

We will instead discuss why certain email addresses are better than others.

An email sent to mary@somecompany.com is more likely to be opened than one sent to ilovebirds1982@aol.com.

If you work in the B2B industry, it is important to have an email address.

How can you receive such emails? Ask!

This is an example of an email form.

Ask them for their email address. This is a simple way to ask. Consumer-based businesses can’t be as strict.

It’s important to realize that many people use free email services either because they don’t have any other email addresses or simply because they are unable to send out mailing lists like yours.

We prefer that every micro-commitment be as simple as possible for visitors.

Instead, you can be more subtle with your list hygiene and have it managed on the backend.

Every email address can be scored with a variety of services. Kickbox is a great way to verify email addresses.

Email verification is possible in either real-time or batch mode. Every signup for our mailing list receives a Kickbox score.

You can score your readers based on:

  • You can get a free email account
  • If an email account has been closed
  • It accepts emails from multiple addresses if it is a catchall address
  • If it is a “role account email” (i.e. postmaster@, information@, etc. )

These scores have an impact on the open rate of your emails and can give you clues as to how serious the prospect is.

Disposable email accounts are not something we like, so we don’t allow them to subscribe. Subscribers are sent to their segments.

Kickbox’s quality indicators are useful for suggestions. Kickbox received “Risky”, which is a rating of email addresses we considered to be good. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Kickbox is useless.

Email verification is a way to segment your audience. Subscribers can follow a specific path.

You also have the option to check your subscribers with a batched method. You must validate your subscribers regularly and perform batched checks on your list.

To pair this with list hygiene you can use single opt-in signups. You can score any suspicious emails as soon as they arrive. You can confirm their email address by clicking on a link.

Segment Your Audience

There will be different audiences for your email list. It is possible to have different needs depending on who signed up.

Sending mass emails to your reading list is not a good idea This can lead to lower open rates, more unsubscribes, and angry readers

A mommy blogger who covers topics like pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby will have different needs. An infant-caring mother is unlikely to be interested in tips for her pregnancy.

You can increase your open rates if you segment your audience to only send them the information they are most interested in

How can you segment?

  • Parameters for UTM
  • They signed up on this webpage
  • The post type
  • They registered for the form/offer
  • Subscribers receive an email with a hyperlink after they subscribe.
  • Subscribers have opened an email address after signing up

Segmenting ActiveCampaign is easy. Subscribers can be assigned multiple attributes using tags.

The segmentation methods that you use will depend on your business.

Re-engage and Remove Inactive Subscribers

Subscribers that haven’t opened or clicked on an email in a specified period are considered inactive.

These subscribers must be re-engaged.

ActiveCampaign prebuilt an automated three-part sequence that starts after a period of inactivity.

What should you do if inactive subscribers refuse to engage you?

Although it’s terrible to say, they must be deleted.

Many people can have life get in the way. This is common on large mailing lists.

Stop wasting money and start living your life.

When is it best to get rid?

Don’t get too focused on removing subscribers. Have fun!

They are not the right fit for your business. You only pay for each subscriber.

Let’s use ActiveCampaign as an example. They offer a Plus Plan that allows you to have up to 10,000 subscribers. It can quickly add up if there are thousands of subscribers not paying their bills.

Removing inactive subscribers can increase your open rates. A 1000-member audience with a 50% open ratio is better than one with 5,000 open ranks.

Every email list has 500 members active, which is quite significant.

Remarket inactive subscribers

This advanced technique can be used to test your niche.

Upload inactive subscribers’ emails to Facebook or Google Ads. Offer a special promotion to entice them back.

If they don’t check their email, this method can be used as a catch-all. You can keep them engaged by using SMS, push notifications, and social media.

You can do this simultaneously by re-engaging subscribers or after they unsubscribe from your mailing list.

It is not a sure thing and will depend on your business. If you believe that a subscriber may be able to order again, this method is recommended.

Remarketing can be very cost-effective because it targets a specific audience. Leave feedback below.

Double Opt-In

First, let me say that we don’t like the double opt-in.

Visitors must confirm their subscription using the link provided in their email.

Despite being the “gold standard” for email opt-ins, we found that not all recipients click on it. Some people may be forgetful, lazy, or afraid that your email will cause major problems.

No matter what reason they might have, they did not confirm their subscription. You now have someone on your mailing list that you cannot email.

You can promote to this audience, just like with inactive subscriptions.

we found that double opting in produced the same open rate as single opting. You can try it out to find any problems.

A double-opt-in will allow you to verify that your subscribers have subscribed at least once and let you know that they are engaged at least once.

How to improve your email delivery

The welcome email should tell subscribers how to ensure their emails get delivered efficiently.

Add email address to address book

Some mail services will notice that your email address has been added to their contact lists This lowers the chance of your email being marked as spam.

It’s not an easy task but very few subscribers will manage it.

A vCard makes this easier. You may also include your telephone number for customer service inquiries.

You can use many online tools to create a vCard. To see an example, visit our VCard.

Send emails from the Secondary tab to your Inbox

This is Google’s Gmail service.

Test your email before you send it

Mail tester

You can test your emails before you send them.

Mail tester has been a powerful tool to test basic email configurations. Spam testing is acceptable.

Mail tester uses SpamAssassin to filter spam. This software is not compatible with Gmail, and Yahoo!! or Microsoft.

If your DKIM/SPF is incorrect, you must correct them. This will decrease the likelihood of your email being delivered.

If you use an email service provider (ESP), it is assumed that your subscribers have properly set up their mail servers about rDNS or SPF. It never hurts to double-check.


Test your emails before you send them

GlockApps is a commercial service that checks all major email services such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Send an email campaign with this list of 80 email addresses. GlockApps offers suggestions for improving deliverability.

This service can be used to test your email. It is worth the cost of gold.

This is an example of an email campaign in that we have increased delivery rates. We increased our inbox delivery and decreased emails going through Gmail’s Promotions tab. It’s still not clear why some emails did not arrive.

Make sure your domain name has been correctly registered

DKIM, DMARC… in an hour!

These acronyms can be used for verification of the sender of the email. An email wasn’t created. Spam is an example of a flaw in the email protocol.

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC all try to fix this flaw and stop spam.

Your email must follow these protocols. Otherwise, your email could be delivered to spammers.

The Mail Tester can verify that your SPF/DKIM settings are correct, as we mentioned.

These are not covered by this article. Correct any errors or omissions within these protocols.

These can be set up correctly and will make it easier for you to get your email delivered

Change email service providers

As we mentioned, not all email service providers can be considered equal.

Imagine joining a mail service provider like renting an apartment in a complex that has multiple units. The same goes for ESPs.

If the ESP does not monitor clients who send spam, or any other questionable content, it will affect your delivery rate.

ActiveCampaign has the best email delivery platform.

ActiveCampaign may not be perfect. Poor service can still happen with shared plans. ActiveCampaign offers this service.

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