Which Website Builder is Better Weebly or Wix?

Squarespace is another well-known web-building platform, with Wix and Weebly being the two most used. The real question is, how does each platform compare to the other?

The comparison will give you all the information you need about pricing, design, customer service, and onboarding.

What’s a web builder?

Some background. Weebly and Wix are both all-in-one web builders that allow you to create and manage websites quickly and easily.

This contrasts with solutions that require you to purchase, install, and maintain each piece of your website individually. It can impact your website’s long-term as well as short-term.

This can hurt your brand and versatility. But it can help you to avoid many headaches down the road. Your experience and goals will determine your

Wix, Weebly, and WordPress are competitors. Now let’s compare them.


Pricing on Weebly is determined by technical and eCommerce factors. Wix plans are however based on technical and eCommerce features. A custom domain cannot be used and will display Weebly/Wix advertisements.

Weebly has a fantastic Personal plan. This plan adds eCommerce functionality.

Weebly offers the most features at the lowest prices per tier. The Starter Tier of Weebly is a great option for personal and small business websites.

Wix has a unique pricing structure. You can customize your features and needs.

Weebly generally prices upfront value better than other starter websites. You can then evaluate the tiers based on your needs and goals, instead of focusing only on features you may never use.

If you are building your website using WordPress, or any other CMS, these costs may be slightly different. Bundled pricing means hosting and software can be combined and charged per site. This allows you to get custom websites that have unlimited functionality for a fraction of the price of purchasing separate software.

Weebly wins

User Experience

The learning curve for website builders is almost negligible. This makes website builders a great choice.

Weebly wins here but Wix takes our vote. There are also pop-ups, information buttons, and checklists that you can use to keep you on track.

Wix is great at onboarding.

Wix offers great “templating” tools as well as a “design AI,” which does most of the design work.

I like Weebly’s builder tools. Wix can be a good choice for those who enjoy being well-organized. While Weebly has the best user experience, onboarding, and support it is second to none.

Weebly wins

Design Features

It can be difficult to design a beautiful website. You can customize a template to fit your needs using a web editor.

Weebly has a wide range of templates. The editor can be customized with drag-and-drop functionality. If you want to access the code, HTML/CSS can be edited directly.

Wix designs are solid and contemporary.

There are a few Wix websites that can be found online. Wix AI (artificial Design Intelligence), is a Wix app that creates custom designs from your input.

Wix Templates

Weebly can be a good choice for those who want solid and functional designs. Wix will work better for people looking for modern, more contemporary designs.

Winner: Weebly & Wix (Tie).

Technical Features

A website’s technical capabilities can be used to modify metadata, create URLs and allow page-level redirects.

Weebly is very well-built. They lack the technical capabilities to host great websites.

Weebly offers many front-end tools. Their is well-coded and can generate permalinks for you automatically.

Wix is the leader. Wix leads. Wix hosts their pages in an unprofessional way. It is difficult to see from a technical perspective.

The URL structure of Wix sites works but isn’t perfect. Wix threads can be found on HackerNews. You will get the same feedback.

If you have the necessary DIY skills, this is no problem. It is essential to understand if SEO professionals are required.

Weebly wins

Marketing Features

Market your website with marketing features like custom metadata, open data, Schema markups, Schema Markups, and email signups.

Wix and Weebly are great for marketing.

Javascript can be placed anywhere on Weebly. This opens up many options from custom tools such as OptinMonster, retargeting, and conversion rate codes to

Wix has seen rapid improvements since its old setup.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our specialty. Weebly could be a great choice if our client believes in organic traffic. Weebly’s flexibility is not limited to SEO best practices. It is too early to say.

Winner: Weebly & Wix (Tie).

Support & Service

Wix and Weebly provide solid customer service and deep knowledge.

Wix offers telephone support for customers in eleven languages, including 24/7 English support.

Weebly telephone support is only available during normal business hours.

Support and service may seem very similar. However, Wix is known for its extended phone support hours.

Wix wins

Future and Company Architecture

I’ve been in the web design industry since 1996. The company structure and incentive programs are the most important factors when selecting a vendor for your business.

A company should be structured in a way that suits your business goals.

Before being bought by Square Inc. (now Block, Inc.), Weebly was a privately held company. Weebly is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company.

Weebly is limited in its value. It can only be used to help grow Square products (i.e. span> eCommerce platform payments If It fails to grow other Square products (i.e.

Wix can be traded publicly. You have the option to buy shares or become part of the company’s management. Any activity that results in profitability will receive resources.

Wix is known for their website builder. It is what they are most proud of. Earnings estimates and Net Promoter Scores must be considered.

Wix vs. Weebly Conclusion

Winner: Weebly

Weebly wins the overall comparison.

While Weebly is lacking in cutting-edge design templates it strikes us as an even better compromise when pricing, functionality, and onboarding.

Let’s not fall for the temptation to search only for the best web builders. Think about your future goals and the things you need.

Wix, a DIY website that is 100% free for DIYers. Wix is available to all users.

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