Weebly Pricing Guide: What’s The Best Plan?

Weebly is a website builder that’s affordable. Square is a subsidiary and the company has been hosting websites for businesses since 2006. But how much does Weebly actually cost?

Potential buyers might be worried about hidden fees or whether they will find the right Weebly plan for them. Weebly has simple website creation options.

Weebly has three plans available, unlike other competitors that offer multiple plans and sometimes confuse the issue. Weebly isn’t overwhelmed by too many options.

Weebly can help you create a website that suits your needs, whether it’s for your business, portfolio, hobby, or personal use.

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Weebly Review

8.0 Out Of 10

PriceMonthly Freebie – $26
Annual DiscountNo
PromotionSign up on Weebly to get for free

Weebly Plans Pricing

PlanPersonalFor professionalsPerformance
Yearly price (discount).$6.00/mo.$12.00/mo.$26.00/mo.
Email accounts
Domain Name Design
No cost domain name1 Year1 Year
SSL Free
Display ads

Apart from Weebly’s Free Option, there are three pricing options available. Prices range from $5 to $25 per Month (when you take advantage of their annual Payment option). These three plans are:

  1. Personal
  2. For professionals
  3. Performance

The Personal or Professional plans will suit you if you are a blogger, freelancer or small business owner. If you have an online shop, you might want to consider the Performance plan.

Every plan, including the free one, comes with some eCommerce features. The Performance plan is recommended to get the best out of all the eCommerce features offered by Weebly.

Weebly free plan

The Weebly Free Plan is free. This is a great way to get started to see how Weebly works.

The Weebly Free Plan has many aspects to consider:

  • This plan does not include many of Weebly’s features.
  • Weebly displays advertisements on your site.
  • You can sell your products and services through the eCommerce options. Customers can shop for multiple items online using the eCommerce cart.
  • Included is a free SSL certificate
  • A custom domain cannot be connected. Instead, your website will appear as a subdomain of the weebly.com site. This is a serious disadvantage.
  • This option is available for SEO website tools as well as lead capture options.
  • You can reach Weebly support via email or remote chat.

Weebly Personal Program

You can get the Weebly Personal Plan for $6 per month if you choose their annual option. This plan is an excellent upgrade to the Free Plan. It is not a professional plan and can only be used to blog or host a portfolio website.

The Weebly Personal Plan is something you should consider:

  • This plan is difficult to present a professional image because Weebly still displays ads on your website.
  • This plan allows you to use a custom domain. This is a big difference between the Personal Plan and the Free Plan. The domain will not be free the first year.
  • Included is a free SSL certificate
  • Third-party codes can be added to your website.
  • SEO tools, such as lead capture, are included. The Personal Plan includes pop-up notifications that aren’t available in the Free Plan.
  • Support can be reached via Weebly’s chat and email functions.
  • You can also take advantage of the Free Plan’s eCommerce options, such as coupons, shopping carts, and an automated tax calculator.
  • An additional eCommerce option will be available that allows you to offer digital goods.

Weebly Professional Program

The Weebly Professional Plan is $12 per month with the annual billing option. This plan is worth considering if you want to project a professional image.

The Weebly Professional Plan has many highlights:

  • All Weebly ads removed from your site.
  • With the Professional Plan, you get unlimited storage
  • Included is a free SSL certificate
  • This plan allows you to keep your domain free of charge as long as the annual billing method is used.
  • Weebly offers advanced statistics for your website.
  • Support options include chat, email, and phone.
  • Password protection is a benefit.

Weebly Performance Program

If you choose the annual billing option, the Weebly Performance plan will cost $26 per month. This plan also includes enhanced eCommerce functionality that will make your online store a more powerful selling tool.

The Weebly Performance Plan has some important points to remember:

  • If you purchase via the annual billing option, your domain is free.
  • Unlimited storage space is available for your website.
  • Online shopping doesn’t have to be cluttered with distracting ads.
  • Password protection and site statistics will be provided.
  • PayPal is now available for payments.
  • Your online store can accept customer reviews.
  • You can also download shipping labels and a shipping calculator.
  • You can send shoppers “abandoned cart” emails if they haven’t completed their orders.
  • Weebly will make you a priority in its support team.
  • Customers can get discounts from your online store.
  • Advanced eCommerce insights will be available.

What Does Weebly cost?

A disadvantage to the Free Plan should be considered when comparing the pricing plans offered by Weebly.

You do not have complete control of your website when you build it on weebly.com. Instead, you rent space on their online platform.

Your website may be lost if you cancel your Free Plan and move to another website builder later. It’s best to choose one of the paid plans to install your domain.

Not only does it provide more flexibility for your website building purposes, but it looks far more professional to send visitors to “yourdomain.com” instead of “yourdomain.weebly.com”. A custom domain is also a great way to promote your site and brand your business.

The benefits of a Weebly Plan include:

  • Complete control of your website
  • A custom domain can help you establish your brand more effectively
  • Customers will appreciate a more professional approach

Additional costs

Weebly pricing plans have upfront costs that vary depending on whether you choose a monthly payment plan or an annual one.

The annual plan will cost you more upfront. You can save money by choosing a yearly plan. Weebly offers discounts on this option that are more attractive than the month-to-month options.

We have more information about the differences between paying monthly and annually.

Weebly Pricing Plans: Annual Payment vs. Monthly Payment Monthly Payment

Personal Plan – If you select the annual billing, this plan will cost $6 per month. You’ll need to pay $72 upfront as you prepay the whole year. If you prefer to pay monthly, the rate will be $9/month.

If you are working on a small project or need a portfolio website, the Personal Plan is an excellent option. This plan allows you to connect your own domain.

Professional plan: This plan can be started for $12 per month with the annual plan ($144 upfront for the year). For $16 per month, the month-to-month option is available. This plan offers the best features for freelancers and small business owners as well as online entrepreneurs.

Performance Plan Start with this Weebly plan starting at $26 per month for the annual plan. This works out to $312 upfront costs. The current monthly option is $29. The Performance Plan is available when you require eCommerce tools like abandoned cart email communication or shipping labels.

Domain name costs

It is important to calculate how much your top domain (also known as a domain extension), will cost you in the first year using Weebly as well as ongoing costs.

A top-level domain will not be charged to you on the Weebly Free Plan. You won’t be able to have a top domain with this plan as you’re setting up your website under Weebly.com’s top-level domain.

You will need to purchase your domain extension if you choose to use the Personal Plan. The Personal Plan does not include a free domain the first year, as the Professional and Performance annual billing plans do.

Weebly charges $19.95 per annum for domain extensions such as.com and.org. For more specific extensions like.shop, however, it might cost $36 per annum.

This cost should be considered before you buy the Personal Plan. This annual cost will be charged if you use the Performance or Professional plans.

This extension fee can only be avoided if you choose to pay the annual payment plan for either of the plans. This means that you can’t get the bonus by buying the Performance or Professional plan on a monthly payment plan.

You can save on domain extensions costs for buyers who plan to use Weebly over multiple years. Here’s how it works:

  • 1 Year = $19.95 Per Year
  • 2 years = $16.95/year
  • 5 years = $14.96/year
  • $10.57/year for 10 years

Weebly transaction fees

You should be aware of the transaction fees if you plan to sell products through the Weebly online store.

Square is the owner of Weebly. This means that Square charges a fee to power your online store’s sales. Square will charge you 2.9% + 30c on all transactions. While eCommerce transaction fees are a part of online shopping, it’s something you should consider when developing your business plan.

Set up your professional email

Weebly is partnered with the Google Workspace G Suite application to assist you in setting up business email. A professional email ends up looking like info@yourdomain.com or support@yourdomain.com. G Suite can be connected to your Weebly account for $70 per annum.

Other Google products, such as:

  • Online documents (Google Docs and Google Sheets, respectively)
  • Calendar sharing
  • Video meetings

This Google product is an industry standard for website builders. It is used by other Weebly competitors to assist business owners with their professional email challenges. This is an excellent option if you don’t want your personal email to be mixed with business operations.

Weebly Apps

You might have to spend some money on premium apps at some point. Weebly has an app center which allows you to perform many business tasks, such as:

  • Marketing via social media
  • Online traffic generation
  • Marketing and sales

Weebly offers over 50 apps for free. There are plenty of options available for free, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. There might be a time when you need to invest in an app. Depending on which application you choose, the price range for such an investment could be between $5 and $50.

Weebly is a tool for email marketing

You can keep your email marketing within the Weebly family by using their Weebly Promo program. You can send email marketing campaigns to your subscribers starting at $8 per month.

Weebly promotes drag-and-drop email design, performance tracking, list management, and more. The program can be used to promote newsletters and to follow-up with customers and prospects.

Although it comes at an additional cost to Weebly, email marketing can be a key part of your business operations. Weebly Promo helps you get started by importing contacts directly from Yahoo! You can import contacts from Yahoo! or Gmail. Website forms, store orders, and membership groups can all be used to bring in new contacts. Weebly also helps you schedule email broadcasts, test for errors, and gauge subscriber engagement.

Next steps

Are any of the pricing options offered by Weebly right for you? You have a choice of options ranging from $0 to $29 per monthly, making Weebly a cost-effective option that suits your business’s needs.

You can choose to work as a hobbyist, freelancer, sell affiliate products, offer online courses or build an online store. Weebly has an option for everyone, no matter what your needs are.

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