Why Using Alternative Ad Networks Are Beneficial For Advertisers?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most widely used options for advertising online.

Together, they own 59% of online advertising.

You could improve your online advertising campaigns if you find new networks that offer different formats and audiences.

While there are many reasons to explore new networks, there are also some disadvantages.

Alternative Ad Networks: Advantages

New Audiences

Although Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising, many people are not reached by them.

There’s less competition and lower prices

Facebook and Google Ads are so popular that many companies are competing for the same keywords. As a result, your CPC and CPM fees will rise as advertisers with larger budgets push them up. Costs have risen 40% in the past two years and now stand at 2019

Less competition means lower costs and the potential for higher quality.


It is a good idea not to have all your eggs or traffic sources in one basket

New Data & Combinations

Pay visitors also receive lots of data. retargeting).

Alternative Ad Networks – The drawbacks

Learning Curve

Facebook and Google both have excellent self-service platforms. Experts in PPC can specialize in certain aspects of Facebook or Google, but they are still not able to tap into the full potential of these networks.

It is a daunting task to try to place ads on other networks.

Traffic & Quality Assurance for Low Quality

Facebook and Google have dedicated teams and budgets to prevent spam, while other networks don’t. You will end up with low-quality data and less traffic.

Opportunities cost money

A dollar spent on a network does not equal a dollar spent on Facebook. Spending a dollar on another network will get you more traffic than a Facebook account.

Loss in focus

Optimize your online advertising campaigns regularly with new ads and landing pages, and bids.

Alternative Ad Networks

Now let’s look at the actual networks. There is a choice of four kinds of alternative advertising networks: mobile-centric (second tier), niche, and “truly alternate”. Each will be discussed in greater detail.

Second-Tier Ad Networks

These search engines/networks rank behind Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

These advertising platforms can be used instead of Google Ads. Be sure to test second-tier networks to determine which one is best for you.

Yahoo! Yahoo!

Bing & Yahoo Bing & Yahoo!

Yahoo!/Bing! Ads.


Twitter does not compete with Facebook in social network advertising. They offer unique targeting capabilities.

View Twitter Ads.


LinkedIn’s subscriptions account for the bulk of its revenue. However, they also have large ad businesses LinkedIn ads can be very expensive due to their extensive network and numerous targeting options.

LinkedIn has accessed a large number of highly profitable demographics that are looking for B2B solutions.

See LinkedIn Ads.


Pinterest is an excellent 2nd tier network for Ecommerce and consumer-oriented companies. It allows you to place ads in front of a targeted audience who is interested in purchasing stuff.

See Pinterest Ads.


Reddit has a reputation for being anti-advertisers. If you do it right, it can provide a taste-making audience at an affordable price.

Reddit Ads.


YouTube technically falls under Google Ads. However, businesses treat it differently based on their ad formats. YouTube’s video ads are the most lucrative.

YouTube is an enormous marketplace with lots of content and low competition.

View YouTube Ads.


Although Instagram technically is part of Facebook Ads, it technically does not include Facebook Ads. It is often treated differently by businesses based on its format, audience, and intent.

A few case studies and best practices are included in Instagram ads.

See Instagram Ads.


Quora has been around for a while, but it recently became more focused on the advertising industry. This site provides highly targeted options for advertisers who have high acquisition costs.

Quora Ads.


DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine. They have a loyal and small audience.

Even though they don’t have an advertising network, you can still advertise on Bing.


Yelp has been a dominant player in local search. Each user is looking for something.

This is a guide to Yelp ads.

View Yelp Ads.


TripAdvisor has been a major player in the travel industry. Everyone is searching for travel information.

See TripAdvisor Ads.


Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the globe. Anybody can sell anything on their website. Sponsored Listings can be purchased through Amazon Search and Amazon Categories.

Amazon allows you to place ads on your website if the budget is at least $25,000+

This guide to Amazon PPC Ads.


Snapchat is a very well-known mobile app? It focuses on specific ad products. These have high engagement, but no clickthroughs.

SnapChat Ads.


Zillow, the largest real estate website online, is a great option for anyone working in the home services and real estate industries.

Zillow Ads.


Pandora, one of the most popular music streaming services, is Pandora. Pandora represents radio advertising for the 21st century.

See Pandora Ads.


Spotify is the most used music streaming service.

See Spotify Ads.


NextDoor, the largest global neighborhood social networking site is well-respected. It’s worth checking out even though there are many changes in the ad industry.

Check out NextDoor Ad Program.


eBay, an Internet institution. They offer different advertising opportunities to different advertisers.

Visit eBay.

Mobile-Centric Ad Networks

Mobile is big. Mobile is huge.


InMobi, an advertising network, focuses on remarketing and “topographic” targeting.

Learn more about InMobi.


MoPub is not owned by Facebook or Google.

It’s mobile-friendly and can be used in real-time to remarket inventory or buy it (RTB).

Learn more about MoPub at

Apple Search Ads

Promote your App Store listing using Apple’s search ads.

Read more about Apple Ads.

Niche Ad Networks

Niche advertising networks enable you to quickly reach niche audiences and provide targeted audiences. Content selects the right audience rather than the audience choosing it.


Are You familiar with the “Recommended On The Web” links located below many publishers’ content?

These are OutBrain advertisements. OutBrain can help if you have a business that allows paid content promotion.


OutBrain is the main competitor to Taboola. If content promotion is your goal, they are worth a try.

Check out Taboola.


Disqus powers the most popular comment system on the Internet. They also offer content ads similar to OutBrain/Taboola.

View Disqus ads.


OutBrain/Taboola has a new competitor, revContent. They offer content promotion and recommendation ads.

See revContent.


Media.net, the largest internet contextual advertising network, is. They create ads based only on-page content and not users.

Visit Media.net.

Carbon Ads

Carbon Ads is a trusted ad network. Only high-quality companies are allowed to place ads of extremely high quality.

View Carbon Ads here.


SiteScout claims it is the “leading self-serve demand-side platform (DSP),”

SiteScout sells inventory ad inventory that hasn’t yet been sold.

This is an excellent opportunity for advertisers because you can place ads at very low prices on premium websites

Please visit SiteScout.

Yahoo! Geminin

Oath (formerly Yahoo! Oath (formerly Yahoo! Bing is used to run search ads. They recently launched Oath, which allows you to access more inventory and offers a wide range of options.

Yahoo! Here’s Gemini.


MidRoll lets you advertise on podcasts without having to purchase a podcast.

Podcasts remain a promising market for advertisers. Sometimes it’s better to work with show hosts directly or with an independent network such as RelayFM.


There are many options for retargeting, with Google and Facebook being the most popular. AdRoll acts like a network to retarget advertising.

AdRoll consolidates all of your advertising efforts into a single dashboard. This allows you to run one campaign on all networks.

See AdRoll.

Retargeter / Perfect Audience

AdRoll has two main competitors: Perfect Audience, Retargeter, and Retargeter.

Both Perfect Audience and Perfect Auditor Retargeter are available. This guide will also show you how to run Perfect Audience retargeting ads.


BuySellAds is an independent marketplace for advertising that connects content creators and high-quality advertisers.

BuySellAds can be a great place for you to promote your product.

View them.

Propel Media

TrafficVance used to be known as Propel. Propel provides CPV ads via overlays and context links.

These are available to be viewed here


AdBlade competes against OutBrain, Taboola, and other similar websites. AdBlade offers contextual links that allow you to display ads.

These can be found here


Kontextua, a Spanish-language advertising company, sells ads via contextual links.

See Kontextua.

Search engines for that are country-specific

Bing and Google may be the most used search engines worldwide, but they aren’t the #1 in some countries.

Yahoo! Yahoo! Japan is a large market.

This is only the beginning. Depending on where you are located and who your audience is, there may be another network.

Alternative Ad Networks

These are the networks you should thoroughly research before looking into them. These networks should not be used without your permission.

These sites look similar to 4chan. Background information It’s just another way to promote the negative side of the Internet.

Adult websites often offer self-service purchasing in addition to networks like TrafficJunky. How to advertise on these sites.

There are other options

These are just a few of many online advertising options. There are many other options.

Direct Ad Purchases

Direct purchasing is when you purchase impressions in bulk to promote your website. In the hopes that your audience will click on your ad and see it, you are buying some impressions.

This method solves quality issues that you may encounter with other advertising networks. However, it can be costly to buy directly from major leagues.

Beta testing must be done

Getting into the beta phase can greatly enhance your marketing strategy.

Snapchat is one example. They are asking for $7 million to help their social media channels. Customers are running. Research the latest apps and networks and see how you can influence them.

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