Differences You Need To Know About The Wix & Squarespace

Squarespace and Wix are both very popular website builders.

Technology has made it easier to build and maintain websites.

Squarespace and Wix offer all-inclusive web builders that make websites easily accessible for anyone regardless of their programming skills.

The Core StrengthTemplates & DesignBuilt-in Features
Key WeaknessPrice for ValueData Export & Versatility
The best for…Portfolios & CreativesDIYers & Business Sites
Current PromotionView the latest promoGet Started For Free

Squarespace and Wix compete with WordPress. WordPress provides free software to build a website that you control and own. Check out my WordPress website setup guide. There is also the possibility to put actual HTML code in text files.


Squarespace’s pricing is based on advanced features, users, and eCommerce. Wix has a free plan with Wix ads that also includes a subdomain.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace personal plans include limited email and advanced features. Once you have added a transaction fee for Basic Commerce, Advanced Commerce will allow you to add additional eCommerce tools and create an online shop.

PlanPersonalBusinessBasic CommerceAdvanced Commerce
Yearly price (discount).$16.00/mo.$23.00/mo.$27.00/mo.$49.00/mo.

Wix Plans

Wix has a range of pricing levels that you can customize. Wix also has restrictions that can be customized for each pricing tier.

Storage3 GB10 GB20 GB35 GB
Bandwidth/month2 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Email accounts
Domain Name DesignYesYesYesYes
No-cost domain name1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year


Each tier of Squarespace can be trusted. Squarespace is a great choice for all tiers, especially with the eCommerce plan options and personal plans.

Squarespace was the winner

These platforms can cost more than WordPress. Numerous websites can be created for less money using separate software and hosting.

User Experience & Onboarding

Squarespace falls behind Wix when it comes to onboarding new customers.

Once you have chosen a design, Squarespace will take you to their website. Squarespace made significant improvements to the onboarding process.

Wix has a solid reputation for customer onboarding. Wix is a solid platform for customer onboarding.

Wix offers excellent “templating” and a Wix ADI ‘design AI’ that can take over the design.

Squarespace, Wix (Tie), winners

Design Features

Website builders have a major advantage with built-in design tools.

Web design can seem complicated but is essential. You can create the website of your dreams by starting with a template and customizing it later.

Squarespace is a great example of this. Squarespace’s tagline says “Build it Beautiful” and they have a better editor than Wix’s drag-and-drop editor and templates.

Squarespace has many templates. These templates can be personalized with photos or color scheming.

One thing to remember about Squarespace templates: is the availability of imagery. The quality and professionalism of your imagery will make or break your site’s appearance.

Wix designs are solid and trendy.

Squarespace has a winning design. Make sure you use great images to fill your templates.

Squarespace was the winner

Technical Features

You can create clear URLs, modifiable metadata, enable page-level redirects, and much more

Squarespace is a great choice in this area. More advanced tools are available through the developer platform.

Wix does not meet tech specifications. The system’s approach to building pages and serving them is difficult from a technical perspective.

Wix sites have a URL structure that works but isn’t perfect. After 50 pages, it gets clunky.

It’s not just me expressing my opinions. It’s not just my opinion.

Squarespace and Wix are both limited in technical capabilities, while website builders have more features. Squarespace is better than Wix and Wix is slightly more sophisticated.

Squarespace was the winner

Marketing Features

Custom metadata, open-graph data, Schema markups, email signups, and Schema markups are all essential marketing features. Social networks and sharing buttons such as share buttons, landing pages, and share buttons all make marketing your site easy.

Squarespace is an excellent choice when it comes to marketing tools. They are however not compatible with Open Graph data and must be able to work around any custom metadata.

With these, Javascript can be placed wherever you want. This opens up many options, such as custom tools like OptinMonster and conversion rate codes.

Squarespace has not been as easy to use for Wix. However, Wix’s current structure has improved rapidly. Squarespace has more native apps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as I do it, is the same. Squarespace could be a great choice if my client believes in organic traffic. Squarespace allows for flexibility, and not because it is more effective in SEO.

Squarespace, Wix (Tie), winners

Support & Service

They both offer excellent customer service and know-how. They do offer live chat and email support, however.

Squarespace should not be used if you need phone support.

Wix wins

Future Structure and Company Structure

Although marketing departments can say whatever they want in advertising, it is important to form a partnership that supports your company’s goals.

It is vague and abstract. This is how Squarespace and Wix do it.

Squarespace, Wix, and Wix both trade publicly. You can purchase shares to become part of the company. These things are what attract attention.

Squarespace and Wix make money by building websites. These companies are publicly traded and must adhere to earnings estimates and net promoter scores.

Squarespace, Wix (Tie), winners

Squarespace vs. Wix Conclusion

Squarespace was the overall winner

Squarespace or Wix can be great choices if you are looking for a way to create a website.

Squarespace is the best option for me, however, I have to choose one as they are more cost-effective and offer better design options. Anyone looking to build websites with website-building software will find this a huge advantage.

Wix focuses, according to me, on the DIYer 100%, that is, the owner of a business who can trade technical aspects in exchange for greater convenience.

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