WordPress Review: Should You Build a Website With It

What’s WordPress.com?

WordPress has been a very popular website software. WordPress powers over 42% of all websites on the Internet.

People with web design expertise will often say, “Just use WordPress!” when they refer to freelancers or DIYers looking for a solution.

The following will explain the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Let’s first discuss the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress refers to software that powers your website. You can access WordPress from your computer to manage your blog posts and images.

WordPress can also be called a content management platform in web-development jargon. The software is open-source and is managed by non-profit foundations.

WordPress.org houses the open-source software community. Anyone can download a copy.

Important to remember that I haven’t yet discussed the process of creating a website. Visitors can navigate to your site by entering a domain name.

WordPress.org can also be called “self-hosted WordPress” because you have to provide the server necessary to allow the software to function. Create a WordPress site.

WordPress.com follows.

WordPress.com provides WordPress blogs.

Support, hosting, software and services all come in one package.

An analogy to renting vs. buying real estate in is

WordPress.com – Rent a building as your home, or website. You must pay your landlord for all necessary maintenance.

WordPress.org: Own a home.

Here convenience and control reign supreme.

WordPress.com can be described as an all-inclusive website builder. You will need to give up certain control, such as FTP access.

WordPress.com offers more flexibility than direct competitors.

WordPress.com Alternatives

WordPress.com is not for you? I recommend my top site builders if WordPress.com isn’t the right fit.

I think it’s best to keep WordPress hosting up until you get the best.

Pros Of WordPress.com

These are some of the benefits and disadvantages to WordPress.com’s site builder. This is not just a comparison to direct competitors, but also as a complete website solution.

Simple Sign up process

WordPress.com makes it easy to create a website. You will need to create an account and fill out the website information.

Onboarding support is also a big part of the service. This refers to the process of creating a website. If I didn’t complete a step, I would be poked in the evening.

I didn’t have any questions about the signup process. The dashboard was easy to navigate and provided support.

WordPress.com can be a good option for anyone looking to quickly build a website.

All-in-One Solutions

WordPress.com offers all-in-one solutions. WordPress.com is an all-in-one platform that provides everything, including hosting, domain registration, integrations, and design options.

It means everything runs smoothly. It’s not necessary to determine if an extension or app works with your website.

It’s easier to spend your time designing and creating content than it is troubleshooting.

WordPress.com uses WordPress. So integrations are nearly limitless.

(More details in a moment). (More details in a moment).

You don’t get access to the server hosting your website. Access to files is not allowed if you are very technical or need bulk work.

WordPress.com is unlike any other website builders such as SITE123 and Wix. It uses WordPress software, which makes it more accessible and open than other websites.

You can access your content in RSS or XML formats. You can export your entire content and leave WordPress.com to use a different service.

Templates for WordPress

WordPress.com has a large selection of ready-made templates. You can also purchase premium themes with more expensive plans.

WordPress.com has a selection of themes for beginners. It is useful for those who are new to web design and wish to have a simple way to get their website up online.

There are many customization options available depending on the plan that you choose for the themes. You can add columns or embedding elements. You can edit code if you’re familiar with HTML/CSS.

It is important to note that pages can not be customized/edited on the same screen with the theme. If you plan to make many websites, this is an essential consideration.

Google Customer Service

WordPress.com provides a strong knowledge base as well as easy access for support.

The help button can be found in the bottom corner of your page (and on pages that are being edited), so you’ll always find relevant articles and guides no matter where you may be.

You can chat with other WordPress.com users by clicking on the Contact Us button located in the floating help area. You will have an extra option for getting the answers that you are looking for.

Contexts of WordPress.com

It is also important to consider the downsides of web builders.

Every piece of software will have its problems. I found some cons.

Higher Prices

WordPress.com can be a little more costly than other options, considering the number of features it offers. It limits the number of files you can have on your site, including images, video, audio, and video.

There is one caveat. WordPress.com offers a free plan. Your domain name cannot be used. You have to use yourname.wordpress.com – and serve WordPress.com ads on your site. It’s also free. This is my favorite way to have a well-built, free website online.

You won’t know if there’s a free or paid plan until you see the pricing tab.

WordPress.com offers two plans: Personal and Blogger. These are ideal for people who wish to start a website or blog with minimal information.

A WordPress website or other drag-and drop website builder is the best for any business or website.

WordPress Learning Curve

WordPress, based on what you have seen of it in action, is an CMS that takes some time to learn. WordPress.com offers both hosting and DNS services, making it even harder.

WordPress.com has many themes to help you personalize your website. Although they’re easy to use, there are some that can be very complicated.

WordPress.com might not be the best choice if your goal is to create a drag-and drop website that lets you drag elements on a page and place them where you like.

Gutenberg is WordPress’ visual website builder. It’s different from your website, so it can be more complicated to use WordPress.

You can build what you need on your site’s public version with some website builders.

Limited functionality

WordPress is a flexible and adaptable CMS that’s why it’s so beloved.

It is flexible and scalable so it can be a good way to build a website that you want to maintain over time. However, these benefits will not start until WordPress.org or WordPress.com’s Premium Business Plan. You won’t be able to access your site even after that.

If you are looking for a website that is easy to customize and scale,

Hosted WordPress.com may not be the right choice if you are looking to create a site that is scalable and love WordPress. It will result in a loss of control and functionality.

WordPres.com is able to host your WordPress site. They can also migrate your website to another WordPress hosting service provider if you require more.

JetPack, WooCommerce

It may have been too focused. Two more pieces of WordPress.com are available for discussion.

WooCommerce was the first. WordPress plugin WooCommerce adds incredible eCommerce functionality to WordPress sites.

This is amazing. The number of integrations and extensions it provides can’t be matched by Shopify. Any plan can have it added if WordPress.com.

eCommerce users prefer to use hosted solutions because eCommerce can be more complex than publishing websites.

WordPress.com can be a good choice for sites that are focused on content and want to create an online shop.

JetPack will be the next item.

WordPress.com can offer many features that a self-hosted WordPress website cannot, including backups and security.

Automattic’s JetPack plugin can be downloaded on all WordPress websites and is available for a nominal fee. You can also remotely manage the plugin via WordPress App and get dashboard support.

JetPack is available for purchase starting at $29/month with an option to get a free upgrade. It is extremely affordable.

WordPress.com Recommendation

WordPress.com offers many of these same compromises as other website builders, but it also capitalizes on WordPress’ strengths (e.g. Support ).

Although it is less powerful than other websites builders, It can store price and other data, and it is easy to use. It can still compete with top-rated products in terms of support, themes availability, design, technical aspects, and content publishing.

WordPress.com can be a good choice for those who want more features and themes but don’t have to worry about finding hosting.

WordPress.com can be a wonderful place to start. To save money for businesses, I suggest the Business Plan which has an annual term.

Are you looking for a project that will last? WordPress.co might not be an option for you if your budget is tight and you are ready to learn. WordPress hosting might be an option.

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