WordPress Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

WordPress.com can build websites that do everything.

The option should not be confused with WordPress.org, which allows you to use a content management system and install it through a third-party registrar.

WordPress.com allows you to easily manage your website hosting.

All you need to know is in one interface Easy integration with third-party businesses

This type of functionality will cost you more. You get an all-in-one platform that eliminates the need for a lot of guesswork in setting up and maintaining a website.

The following post will provide information about WordPress.com pricing. It will also explain the features and differences between plans.

How much does WordPress.com cost? Let’s get the answers!

Our Take

WordPress.com can be a good choice if you do not want to deal with all of the complexities that WordPress has to offer.

WordPress.com has four plans that can be paid for and one that cannot.

Yes. WordPress.com can be used for free if you want. Many people are familiar with the expression “expecting nothing in return”.

A Personal plan is a great option for those with a tight budget. It costs just $4 per month. You can also upgrade to a different plan if you need more features.

The five plans are

WordPress.com Free Plan

Consider the WordPress.com Free Plan:

  • No access is available to the support group. If you need help or have questions, you can upgrade.
  • SSL encryption comes free.
  • The plan doesn’t provide premium theme access.
  • Your website’s footer will display the WordPress branding message.
  • WordPress.com allows you to display ads on your website. It is one of WordPress’s greatest drawbacks.
  • You will have a choice of themes to choose from so that your website can be attractive to visitors.
  • No plugins will be available to enhance your website’s functionality.
  • The first year of the free plan won’t come with a free domain. It is more expensive than other domain registrars.

WordPress.com Personal Plans

If billed annually, the WordPress.com Personal Plan is $4 per month. These plans are ideal for people who just need a website.

Consider the following:

  • You’ll get a domain registration free of charge for your first year when you select this plan.
  • All WordPress.com paid plans to exclude advertisements from your site, except the free one.
  • Unlimited email support is included in this plan. Any questions you have will be addressed quickly.
  • You can start receiving payments by using the Personal plan.
  • Premium themes still are not available.
  • From 3GB for the Free plan, the storage limit of the Personal plan is doubled to 6GB.
  • The plan doesn’t include email accounts.
  • Subscribers who have paid can receive premium email content.

WordPress.com Premium Plan

Premium WordPress.com plans start at $8 per month if paid on an annual basis For freelancers or solopreneurs looking to become successful entrepreneurs,

Consider the following when signing up for WordPress.com Premium.

  • Integrate your Google Analytics account with your site. Track important information such as page views, traffic, and time spent on your site.
  • You can earn advertising revenues with the Premium plan.
  • You can use video functionality. Add videos to your site and let them be played using a custom player. Also includes statistics.
  • In addition to unlimited email support, live chat is available. You can get answers faster by using this chat feature.
  • The plan allows for storage to be increased up to 13GB.
  • You have many options for premium themes.
  • Premium plans offer advanced design customization.
  • PayPal lets you add PayPal Pay functionality.
  • Use the integrated social media planning tool to schedule posts and add them to every social network.

WordPress.com Business Plan

WordPress.com Business Plans cost $25 per Month for an annual plan. Small businesses that need to manage large volumes of traffic can use

When you’re considering the WordPress.com Business Plan, it is important to consider the –

  • You have access to over 50,000 WordPress plugins that will allow you to build a better website.
  • The backup function can be used to ensure data is not lost.
  • You will have access to the best SEO tools to optimize search engines.
  • You can now chat with agents 24/7.
  • Create custom themes for your brand.
  • The plan allows you to access the phpMyAdmin database, which will allow you to customize more of your site’s design options.

WordPress.com eCommerce Plan

WordPress.com eCommerce Plans cost $45 per Month if billed annually. These bundles include the WooCommerce plugin.

These are the things you should think about when considering the WordPress.com eCommerce plan

  • It is possible to accept payments from over 60 countries
  • WordPress.com specialists can set up one-to-one screen-sharing sessions to help get your site online quickly.
  • You have 200GB of storage.
  • You can ship products using UPS or other mail carriers.
  • Your shop can feature unlimited services and products.
  • Mailchimp can integrate with other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Many store themes can be customized.

How Much Does WordPress.com Charge You?

WordPress.com prices are more complex than the monthly cost that we have shown.

WordPress.com is the best because you won’t get surprised by unusual amounts on your bank statements.

What does WordPress.com cost? You may also need to consider other add-ons.

Additional costs

Sign up for any paid WordPress.com plan and you can choose how much you pay each month.

WordPress.com Pricing Plans

The Personal Plan: This will allow you to start WordPress.com’s basic, paid option. You’ll have to pay $4 monthly. To open an account, you will need to pay $48 upfront.

Premium Plan: This plan is available for $8/month if you opt to be charged annually. WordPress.com Premium has a $14 monthly cost. This plan is great for freelancers and solopreneurs because it provides many useful features.

Business Plan: The average monthly cost for an annual billing plan is $25. These plans are great for small businesses because they include search engine optimization tools and over 50,000 plug-ins.

The eCommerce plan: You can purchase this plan for $45/year ($540 per year) or $59/month (monthly billing plan). This plan allows you to list unlimited products for sale and can operate in over 60 countries.

Domain name costs

The first year of any paid WordPress.com plan will give you a domain for free. WordPress.com charges you every year for active domain registrations. This will ensure that your website is visible online.

WordPress.com offers a range of choices for your top-level domain.

Your website should be as affordable and as manageable as you can. You want to keep your website costs as low and manageable as possible.

Here are a few domain extensions WordPress.com provides. Be aware of the various annual renewal fees that each domain extension has.

  • .com – $18/year
  • .biz – $18/year
  • .accountants – $80/year
  • .art – $15/year
  • .bar – $60/year
  • .business $15/year
  • .camp $40/year
  • .casino – $120/year
  • .deals – $25/year

Take a look through the whole list when you sign up for WordPress.com. Then, choose your preferred domain extension.

WordPress.com charges eCommerce transaction fees

WordPress.com doesn’t charge transaction fees for orders placed through an eCommerce platform. You will have to use Stripe or PayPal instead as third-party processors.

Different payment processors might charge fees for transacting business. View their documentation to find out what each payment processor costs you.

WordPress.com provides professional email prices

WordPress.com does not offer professional email accounts for free. You’ll have to pay to set this up if you want to have an address such as support@yourdomainname.com.

Set up a WordPress.com Professional Email Account for $3.50 per month. Look under “Emails” where you will find “Professional email”.

Select your preferred email address, such as info@yourdomainname.com or support@yourdomainname.com. Click “Add email” to create a password for the email account.

WordPress.com also partners with Google Workspace. You can use this option as your business email and can add Google features such as:

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Add members to your team

Google Workspace costs $72 per annum. It can be set up when you register your domain via WordPress.com

Next steps

You have four options for pricing WordPress.com. Each plan can be tailored to your budget. Next, choose the plan that you want and then select monthly billing or annual billing. Next, you can make your purchase to get your company started.

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