Top Examples of WordPress Sites for Your Inspiration

You’re considering WordPress for your website software and are looking for WordPress examples to help you make the right decision.

WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet. WordPress is well-known for its flexibility and ease of use (yes there is a learning curve). It’s not impossible. It’s a popular choice for website software.

Before we get into WordPress website examples, let’s first clear up some common misconceptions.

WordPress is a content management platform — web jargon to describe a place where your website can be logged in to edit and create your content.

It is also open-source, which means that it can be maintained by a community. is where the software and open-source community are alive and well. Anyone can get a free copy. Because the software must be hosted on a server, it’s called self-hosted WordPress. is similar to buying a home. is like buying a house. You can customize everything you want but you also have to manage the electricity and plumbing.

Here’s how to create a WordPress website from scratch. is the next step. This company is a service and for-profit that provides websites powered by WordPress (the software). You can get hosting, support, software, and services all in one subscription. is similar to renting an apartment. While you can pay for upgrades and maintenance, it is ultimately up to the landlord.

You can view’s plans & features here.

What does this all have to do WordPress website examples?

You can think of searching for a website designer as looking for a car. You may have a specific make/model in mind and are looking to see the builder drive on the road to get a better idea of how they look. But you care about their operation. Is it able to accelerate quickly? Is it capable of hauling heavy loads? What is the gas mileage?

It is important to look at a website platform in the same manner. The design of a website is just HTML and CSS. It can be made anywhere. The functionality is more dependent on hosting, integrations and features, plugins, and other factors.

These examples are not only to show you how WordPress websites look but also how WordPress websites work so that you can make sure your website is both stylish and functional.

Some examples of general websites

Let’s begin with a list of solid WordPress websites. These examples are based on usability, design, functionality. WordPress is well-known for its flexibility. WordPress is extremely customizable. This means that you can do almost everything with it.

The Walt Disney Company

You want to see how prolific WordPress really is? Even The Walt Disney Company is now a member. This website is an excellent example of a well-designed, professional layout that businesses can use. It’s easy to navigate, the Recent News grid gives a glimpse of the company’s activities, and stock information provides valuable information to consumers about the company’s financial health. (Remember, you don’t need to be publicly traded to do this). How could you add other information to this page that would help people learn more about your company? ).

The rest of us may not have the same budget as Disney. You are currently viewing a WordPress website.

Here are some more examples to keep that in mind.


Websites don’t have to be stunning designs. However, Trefecta’s website can provide some great inspiration. The header image is a carousel, which means that it changes automatically. Each image has a separate call to action. Visitors can then dive deeper into each slide. The breakdown beneath the header was also a great feature. It serves as a navigation point and a secondary menu for the visitors.

Journeyman Headquarters

For a more accessible design, you can use this WordPress magazine website with a out-of the-box theme (from StudioPress), a out-of–the-box logo from Tailor Brands, and $5 worth royalty-free images… that’s zero web design and no design costs.

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Example of a Wedding Website

Websites for weddings are a great way of sharing information with guests, showing off your personality and posting updates / photos / any other information you wish to share with others involved in your wedding. This website will be more useful for a short time than a business website. It should be easy to edit and maintain. This is a great example of the possibilities with a WordPress website for weddings:

Tyler and Tayler

Tyler and Tayler’s website for their wedding is a wonderful example of how a basic theme can be turned into something fun and personal without the need to build something complicated. They have fun illustrations and embedded their engagement photos. All these elements make their website unique without them having to spend money or time creating something entirely new.

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Example of a Photography Website

Portfolios are the heart of photography websites. Look for examples of WordPress websites to inspire you. Pay attention to the layout options that suit your work. It is important to show your photos creatively without losing the user experience. These are some WordPress photography websites that we like:

Jeremy Chou

The balance between photography and copy was what stood out in Jeremy Chou’s website. Although a website for photography is all about showing your work, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also use copy to tell people what your work is all about. This website is great for inspiration if you are looking for a website that balances imagery and text.


This website is the opposite. It focuses solely on photography. The homepage features a lot of photos. There is also a portfolio section that has an interactive scroll feature. OANA FOTO’s website shows that there’s no right or wrong way to create a WordPress photography website. It all depends on what you need and how you want your visitors to interact with it.

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Example eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites should be all about the products they sell. An eCommerce website that is well-designed and easy to use should feature high-quality product images. Strong product descriptions are essential, as well as an easy checkout process. These are some of our favourite WordPress eCommerce website examples.

House of Whisky

An eCommerce website that is great can be described as easy to navigate, high-quality product photos, and easy checkout. House of Whisky’s website checks all of these boxes. We were particularly impressed by the simplicity of the homepage. The homepage offers two options. You can either learn more about House of Whisky or shop. Visitors will find it easy to navigate the website.

Inspiration can also be found on the product page:

You can customize your shopping experience with the different filters. The high-quality product photos make this page a great example for a product collection page.


Sodashi is an excellent example of how to create something unique. This skincare company has created a WordPress-specific design, which allows them to tailor the design to their needs. We liked the simple design, clear navigation and the use of copy to explain Sodashi’s mission.

WordPress is a great platform for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

You can use a WordPress theme to create a unique look for your website. It all depends on what you need, your budget, as well as your goals for your website.

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Example Artist Website

You want to show off your artwork? A website for artists is a great way of displaying your art online. Websites should be simple to use, focus on your work, and allow potential clients or commissioners to reach you easily. Here is an example of a WordPress website for artists:

Amy Paul

Amy’s website is a great example of this principle. Sometimes less is more. The website’s clean layout draws attention to Amy’s artwork, which is prominently displayed. Amy shows only one piece of her artwork at a given time on the homepage. This was something we particularly enjoyed. This portfolio website is a perfect fit for DIY-ers who only need a place to showcase their work.

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Example of a Music Website

Music websites are similar to artist websites. They all focus on the music. A player is necessary for visitors to be able to listen to your music on your website. People will also want to be able to contact you via social media, including tour dates and where they can purchase your albums. This is a great example of a WordPress-powered music website:

7th Ave Band

The music page is what makes 7th Ave Band’s website stand out. The copy that appears before the music player is an excellent way to introduce the band and their mission. The music player also has social sharing options so that fans can share the album via social media and listen to it on the site. The site also offers multiple places for fans to purchase the album, including the official store and the button on the music player. This site is great for musicians looking for an easy way to show off their music.

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Example of a Business Website

Strong business websites showcase your services, give customers the chance to contact you, and build social proof. Visitors should be able identify you and your business when they visit your website. They should also be able navigate to the information they need from the homepage. These are some examples of WordPress-powered business websites:

Smart Chameleon

Smart Chameleon is an excellent example of a website built around the brand and featuring interactivity. You would expect a website that is designed to create digital experiences for businesses to look great. This site has everything you need to inspire creativity and interactivity.

BS&A Software

This WordPress website for a business is an excellent example of how to organize content when you have much to offer your customers. BS&A Software offers video tutorials, help files, support, and other services. This layout is a great example of how to organize all that information in an easy-to-understand manner. This layout is great for anyone who has a lot of content to add to their site.

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Example of a personal website

Websites for personal use are just what they sound like: personal. This type of website is about building your brand online and claiming your space on the Internet. An easy-to-edit, manage and customize personal website should be possible. This is an example of a WordPress personal site that you can use as inspiration.

Michelle Sanchez

It is easy to get distracted by displaying your creativity and personality on your website. While it’s fine to add some flair, clarity should not be sacrificed in the name creativity. Michelle’s personal WordPress website is an excellent example of a website that provides the essential information in a clear and concise way. The headline is powerful, the call-to-action is clear and the navigation clearly explains where visitors can go to find what.

Vladimir Strajnic

As an example of WordPress’ versatility, we pulled Vladimir Strajnic’s website. It is possible to create any kind of website you like, from a simple, pre-designed website to an interactive, custom-made website. It is important to keep in mind your ultimate goals. Vladimir is a designer and would like to show off his talents on his website. If you are just looking to share your thoughts and start blogging, then you don’t necessarily need to make something unique. First, define your needs and then get started.

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Next steps

Choosing your website platform is more than just design. Why? All web pages are HTML and CSS, with some scripts added. Any website template can be used on any web platform.

You should be focusing on the functionality and design elements available on the platform that you choose.

Step by step, set up a WordPress website that you own.

You can get a bundle here with free themes.

You can find WordPress templates from ThemeForest or StudioPress. Elegant Themes, JetPack, and WordPress are all options that will suit your design and functionality requirements. These providers are the ones I use for my clients’ sites.

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